Residential Services

G.O.A.T. Roofing has successfully completed thousands of residential re-roof and new construction projects in the past several years alone.

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Only The Finest Quality Materials Applied & Craftsmanship Practiced Here

Whether constructing your new home or in need of a new roof on your residence, you can count on GOAT Roofing to exceed your expectations.  In recent years, our expert roofers have adorned the state of Texas with over 14 million square feet of only the highest quality roofing materials available on the market.  Indeed, homeowners serious about enhancing their property value through this investment trust in us to oversee this high-risk, complex process.

We offer four main varieties of roofing materials for residential application in a diverse array of patterns and colors:
  • Dimensional / Architectural Shingles

  • Metal Varieties

  • Tile & Clays

  • Stone-Coated Steel

  • Solar Tiles

Switching Roofs

There is an immense sense of pride when we become homeowners. We walk through each room imagining the priceless memories waiting to be created with our families.


Our home evolves into our sanctuary, a safe place, a place where we can relax in the untidiness of life. 

At one point or another, we have learned that life can present unexpected turns. In the midst of us living our lives, we notice the wind picking up, branches tapping against the window in rapid succession, rain starts drumming on the roof as a powerful storm starts rolling in. You wake up the next morning to check on any damage the storm may have caused on the outside of your beautiful home. Unfortunately, you realize that the roof has been compromised and it needs to be repaired


So what now? Where do you even begin? How do you determine the best person to contact?

This is your home so of course you want to find a trustworthy person who will take pride in fixing your roof, but how do you know you are picking the right roofing company? There are many signs of a bad roofer and as a company created with old fashion values, we felt it was imperative to provide knowledge to homeowners on what to look out for when selecting a roofing company.


What is a bad roofer? How can you tell the difference between a skilled roofer compared to a roofer who is just waiting for your check to clear? The following is a list of necessities within this industry that bad roofers will not pay attention to:

  • Licensing Requirements 
  • Permits

  • Insurance

  • Bonded 

  • Warranties

  • Proper Inspection of the attic or the underside of the roof to provide an accurate estimate

  • Inspection of surrounding fixtures that are of concern during inclement weather

  • The customer! - This is the biggest sign!!

Fixing Roofs
Rain on Roof

The customer should be the top priority at all times.

If you are finding it difficult to get ahold of your roofing company or they are not inclined to share details about the job with you then you are dealing with a bad roofer. Your home is on the line and it is important to ask the right questions. 


  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Can you provide references of satisfied customers?

  • Do you have insurance or a license?

  • Why is your price set at this amount?

  • Does your manufacturer support the work you have done for past customers?